10 things to do in Disney’s Epcot

EPCOT is twice as big as Magic Kingdom, and spans over 300 acres!

by GB Staff
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Whether you are a tech enthusiast or a person who loves getting engaged in quirky adventures, Epcot has something for everyone. The magical theme park is located in Bay Lake, Florida, and is owned by one of the most remarkable entertainment companies globally – The Walt Disney Company.

They were primarily designed to showcase and acknowledge human achievements in science, technology, and culture, the gigantic property spans over 300 acres. It is referred to as one of the most famous tourist attractions in the USA.

So, if you are planning a visit to Walt Disney Resort this year, the harmonious sights of Epcot are something you cannot miss. However, when you have such a spread-out property to explore and appreciate, it is good to have your day planned out so you don’t end up darting around the park all day. Therefore, to help you out, we have made an extensive Epcot itinerary for you so you can fully enjoy your visit and prioritize the places according to your interests.

The 10 best things to do in Epcot

Before diving into the must-dos of Epcot, it is important to understand the significance behind the name of this futuristic theme park.

Epcot is an abbreviation for “Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow.” And as the name suggests, it was meant to be a worldwide community of learning, celebrations, and cherishing art, entertainment, and technological advancements.

As Epcot is a park intended to provide fun and education at the same place, the following list will seem a bit disorganized at first since it features all the things from education and technology to delectable dishes and fantasy rides that you should never miss at this Disney Park.

1. Experience Your Dream Car at Test Track

test track presented by chevrolet 00

Test Track presented by Chevrolet

If you were always curious to design and ride your car, the chances are that you are going to love the Test Track at Epcot. This great testing lab will let you try out your prototype on a test car and compare it on a virtual grid with other vehicles. The testing part mainly includes the speed and brake tests, its performance on different types of roads, and its response to specific environmental conditions and temperatures.

Since this attraction requires visitors to put on their creative thinking caps, it educates them about the automobile designing process in a fun way. It is located at the Eastern side of the theme park, and you will mostly see the place bustling with guests waiting for their turn.

You can either take the standby line to enjoy the test ride with your group or, you can take the single rider line to experience this thrilling ride all by yourself. We highly recommend you to go for the latter, since not many people prefer to take a ride alone; hence the single line has shorter wait times.

2. Learn about the Human Evolution on Spaceship Earth


Spaceship Earth

What can be more compelling than dramatically unraveling the mysteries of the Earth on a slow-paced ride? This is what you will experience when you ride the Spaceship Earth at Epcot.

The rip-roaring ride starts with the history and progress of modern technology and the human language and ends up with you creating your imaginative world! A thing that will make this ride unforgettable for you is the distinct smell which creates an engaging ride for the visitors.

Once the ride gets over, you can stroll around the golf ball and interact with other aesthetic displays there. Since the giant spaceship sphere is set at the entrance, most people tend to ride it at the beginning of their tour, consequently leaving shorter queues later.

3. Have a Tour to the Disney Greenhouses via Living with the Land Ride

disney behind the seeds

Disney behind the Seeds

This might not sound like a fun thing to do, but wait until you jump into the Living with the land boat ride and see how your perspective changes.

The Pavilion ride will take you through innovative farming and Agricultural sites and the Disney greenhouses where Epcot produces its food. Nonetheless, since it is an Epcot thing, you will also spot some of the Mickey Mouse-shaped veggies and colorful lights to make things more interesting.

Unlike any other greenhouse, the Disney greenhouse is not only limited to the age-old horticultural techniques, but it also focuses on developing new planting techniques too. And that is what piques visitors’ interest in experiencing this slow-paced ride.

In short, if you are an agriculturist, a botanist, or loves gardening and nature, living on the land is something you will regret missing. Moreover, you can also take a paid tour to the Disney greenhouse to learn about the science behind the seeds plantation there.

4. Soar High at Epcot

soaring around the world

Soarin’ Around the World

Want to take a tour around the seven wonders of the world and appreciate the beauty of these gigantic sites without having a passport or taking a flight? Luckily, the soarin’ ride in the Land Pavilion lets you leap the world with an immersive screen set in front of you.

After getting in the ride, you will be elevated above the ground with a light swing to witness some breathtaking sights on the big 3-D screen. With the images and videos, you will also feel some distinct smells and sounds spread across the room to give you a real sense of this virtual world.

One thing you will appreciate about this ride is that the pass queue is indoors. That means you wouldn’t have to wait outside for your turn and instead adore the interiors of this incredible simulated attraction.

5. Enjoy a Theatre-like Experience at Awesome Planet

awesome planet

Awesome Planet

After enjoying the scenic sights at Soarin’, you can move upstairs to explore Awesome planet – a 10-minute movie narrated by the famous American comedian/ actor- Ty Burrell. The film features a whole new world of landscapes and spectacular scenery with stunning visuals and euphonious sound effects. It will take you through the Earth’s formation and evolution to the impact of environmental threats on it and the extinction of dinosaurs.

The video content is backed by proper scientific evidence and theories to educate visitors regarding the glorious history of their fantastic planet. Since the film features Ty Burrell as the narrator, this epic artwork finds Modern Family fans as their target audience.

6. Meet Figment in the Imagination Pavilion

journey into imagination with figment

Meet Figment in the Imagination Pavilion

If you are not fond of fast-moving rides, then you will love riding the Journey into the Imagination ride with the most harmless dragon on planet Earth – Figment. The adventurous dark ride unveils the wonders of imagination with vibrating effects, while its theme song “One Little Spark” perfectly summarizes Epcot’s mission.

Moreover, the Imagination Pavilion also hosts some cool indoor games that you can play alone or with family.

Although you can get a Fastpass for meeting Figment, we recommend you to go for the standby line as the queue is comparatively shorter than other attractions.

7. Relive the Frozen Memories with Frozen Ever After Ride

anna elsa and olaf stand in the frozen ever after attraction

Anna- Elsa and Olaf stand in the Frozen Ever After attraction

Specially designed for the Frozen fans, this slow-moving ride lies in the Norway pavilion. The magnificent interior of the place is in line with the classic Norway architecture and culture.

When you step inside Arendelle, the imaginary country will greet you with some of the best scenes from the movie alongside your favorite frozen theme song. While the ride itself is super-amusing, the music and the realistic animations will leave you in love with this attraction. Also, since Frozen Ever After has been one of the most taken rides at Epcot, you should at least expect an hour’s wait before making it to the ride.

8. Have Dinner at the UK Pavilion

You might be tired and already craving a delicious meal after having a fun day at Epcot. Well, the good news is you wouldn’t have to rush to the UK to feast on their classic fries when they are just an order away from you. The UK pavilion offers many traditional dishes, but none matches the epic taste of their crispy chips with fish. So, if you always wanted to try something out of the usual American food, then a dinner at the UK pavilion is indeed an excellent choice.

9. Visit the Seas Pavilion with Nemo and Friends

seas with nemo and friends

Seas with Nemo and Friends

Finding Nemo has inarguably ruled most of our childhood. And nothing could be more exciting than reminiscing over the yesteryears and reliving the Nemo journey along with him and his friends. This ride also follows Epcot’s mission, and hence you will see a lot of technology is used while recreating some of the most thrilling scenes from the movie.

The Nemo aquarium also displays some other aquatic creatures alongside fish, and you can drive across it to experience the beauty of the film scenes.

Overall, it is a fun ride, but it is not something exceptional, so you can always visit it once you are done riding the highest-rated rides.

10. Watch American Adventure Stage Show

american adventure

American Adventure Stage Show

If you are fond of learning about America’s rich history, then the American Adventure pavilion is a must-go place for you. It’s a 5-story white and grey colored building, which is filled with aesthetic paintings, historical remains, and meticulously preserved artifacts of some crucial moments in American history.

The stage show is quite realistic since it includes the robotic animations of 35 notable personalities in the US, including Mark Twain, Alexander Graham Bell, Martin Luther King Jr., Thomas Jefferson, and many more. Learning about the history of the United States from these eminent writers, scientists and leaders make it even more engaging.

The brilliantly designed 30-minutes show focuses on educating the people about the significance of different historical events that shaped present America. Since you wouldn’t need to reserve your spot at this attraction, it’s an ideal place to rest after taking some fast-moving rides in the Land Pavilion.


Covering the history, culture, and architecture of 11 countries, Epcot remains one of the most visited theme parks in the world. Being a hub to over 40 incredible attractions, this magical park’s natural beauty and alluring sites will leave you stunned.

If you are planning a visit to Epcot, the above list mentions the ten must-dos of the park. However, with that being said, there are a ton more entertainment activities and festivals held at Epcot. So, you can always look up their site to know about the upcoming seasonal events and plan your trip accordingly.

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