Top 10 high-rated attractions in Georgia

The world's largest sculpture is located on the face of Stone Mountain.

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georgia aquarium

Located in the Southeastern side of the United States of America, the state of Georgia sits right next to North and South Carolina and meets the Atlantic Ocean from one corner. Also known for being one of the mass producers of peach, Georgia holds several spots that attract tourists, especially Americans, every year. Although it is known for several other specialties, Georgia is that state where you can take the entire family and have a decent memorable tour.

Its Northern areas are home to some of the most beautiful landscapes in the US, such as the Blue Ridge. However, we cannot help but agree when Georgia is called the crown jewel of the South due to its natural wonders, wild jungles, cultural heritage, and ancient remains.

Top attractions in Georgia

Georgia’s entire vicinity has a subtropical climate, making it perfect for tourism throughout most of the year. If you’re planning on visiting Georgia, we have a list of carefully handpicked tourist attractions that will be worth your time. So, without further ado, allow us to name some of the best spots Georgia has to offer.

1. Stone Mountain Park

stone mountain park

Stone Mountain Park (Photo Credit: Stone Mountain Park @Facebook)

Along the border between Tennessee and Georgia is a lush green park that extends over 3000 acres of land in DeKalb County. Surrounding a giant rock formation, Stone Mountain Park can be found in every list of must-see places in Georgia that you’ll ever come across. Known for having the world’s biggest laser-light showdown in peak summers, this park is centered around a gigantic stone mountain with a historical sculpture of famous confederates embedded in it. We’re not joking. This place brings a great deal of competition for Mount Rushmore.

Hailing over 800 feet in height, this rocky mountain can give you an astonishing view of Atlanta. To witness the breathtaking sight from the peak, you’ll either have to take the cable ride or a hike, but the result will surely be worth the effort. If the mountain hike doesn’t seem to be of your interest, you can visit the nearby museum, The Confederate Hall, where you’ll be taught about Stone Mountain Park’s role in the Civil War that occurred in the 19th century.

2. Savannah

forsyth park in savannah

Forsyth Park in Savannah

Savannah’s contribution to the beauty of Georgia remains unchallenged. This city gives you a taste of both culture and nature. Savannah has them all from its thick oak trees to its streets surrounding Spanish moss and the mesmerizing fountain in the Forsyth Park to the luxurious mansions. Lively artsy streets, museums filled with historical monuments dating back to centuries ago, and some of the best architecture can be found in this land. 

The Historic Landmark District is one of the main spots of Savanna where you may roam around the carefully-preserved historic pathways of the city that are surrounded by lavish mansions and homes. That’s not all that the oldest city of Georgia has to offer, though. If you’re looking for mental relaxation or anything that satisfies your tastebuds, the blooming green parks and the lively restaurants would surely be of assistance in Savannah.

3. Martin Luther King Jr. Historic Site

martin luther king jr. historic site

Martin Luther King Jr. Historic Site

Did we mention that Atlanta, Georgia was home to renowned American Minister Martin Luther King Jr., who spent his entire life battling for the civil rights of his people? Both the birthplace and the resting place of Martin Luther King Jr. are located at Auburn Avenue surrounding a series of renovated houses. Travelers also pay the Ebenezer Baptist Church a visit where sermons are given to educate people about this historic church’s role. The Martin Luther King Jr. Historical Park was initially the center for the African-American community. 

It was in these streets where revolutionary Civil Rights leader Dr. Martin grew up. Tourists walk these old refurbished streets and experience the essence of that turbulent era. When times were tough, and discrimination was rampant, Martin Luther King Jr. rose to fame when he raised the flag for Civil Rights. In conclusion, if you’re into history, then this site is definitely worth your time. 

4. Georgia Aquarium

georgia aquarium

Georgia Aquarium

Georgia has secured for itself the largest aquarium on the planet. This fact alone is enough to convince anyone to visit this place, but there’s more to this aquarium than just size. Being home to over 100,000 animals of 500 different species, this massive aquarium holds around a whopping 10 million gallons of water. So it sounds like a place that would need a good while to be explored, right? Well, if you can manage your time, then you can get the most of the exploration thanks to Georgia Aquarium’s several exhibits that split animals into different portions. This makes it easier for travelers to experience more in a shorter time period easily.

And no, you won’t be just walking around giant glass walls that separate you from the wonders of the sea. As a matter of fact, you can even take a swim if you want. Great hammerhead sharks, manta rays, dolphins, albino alligators, and sea dragons are just some of the creatures of the ocean that reside in the Georgia Aquarium. 

5. Chattahoochee Forest

chattahoochee forest

Chattahoochee Forest

On the Northern side of the state, the Chattahoochee National Forest brings you the best of outdoor life. With its flowing streams and green hills extending over hundreds of acres, the Chattahoochee is the ultimate treat for the wilderness explorer inside you. Especially if you’re into hiking, the Chattahoochee has trails that are spread over hundreds of miles. Since most of the Chattahoochee hills are not that tall, both beginners and experienced hikers can take advantage of many trails.

Other than that, the Chattahoochee boasts the tallest peak of Georgia, the Brasstown Bald. If you’re a fan of green visual treats along with some aquatic action, then the Anna Ruby Falls would surely be of your interest. Overall, the Chattahoochee is an excellent place for hiking, fishing, and camping; it’s the complete outdoor package.

6. Atlanta

atlanta’s botanical garden

Atlanta’s Botanical Garden

How can you not put Atlanta on the list of best destinations in Georgia? Apart from being the capital of Georgia, Atlanta is a flourishing metropolitan hub where you’ll find some of the liveliest markets, luxurious hotels, delicious cuisines, pine trees, and carts filled with tasty peaches. Also famous for being the Empire City of the South, Atlanta hosts plenty of natural parks where you may experience outdoor adventures. Although we’ve covered most of Atlanta’s top destinations, such as the Georgia Aquarium and the Martin Luther King Jr. historical site, there’s still plenty of attractions where you can spend some quality time.

Downtown Atlanta is famous due to the place being the birthplace of one of the largest media companies, CNN. Tourists also head for Atlanta’s Botanical Garden that covers over 30 acres of land in Midtown. You’ll always find the garden blooming with some of the best plant species throughout the year here. However, there’s one more place in Atlanta that is a must-see for travelers. It’s coming up next on our list!

7. World of Coca Cola

world of coca cola

World of Coca Cola

Who isn’t a fan of the most famous soft drink on this planet? But did you know that Atlanta also played the role of being the cradle of Coca-Cola? In the late 19th century, Coca-Cola was a medicine initially designed by Dr. John Pemberton to get rid of headaches and stomach problems. Who would have thought this medicine would go on to be one of the world’s top beverages? In Atlanta, the World of Coca-Cola Museum takes you back into time and shows you the development story right from Coca-Cola’s humble beginnings. From vintage advertisements to original bottles dating back to over a century, you’ll find it all in this Coca-Cola Museum.

The place has its Coca-Cola-themed 3D theatre and a scent discovery exhibit where visitors can examine their smelling sense. So if you’re looking for a place where you can spend some quality time with your little ones, then look no further. The World of Coca-Cola will undoubtedly astonish you and your loved ones with its beautiful exhibits.

8. Okefenokee Swamp

okefenokee swamp

Okefenokee Swamp

This one is for nature lovers. In the Southwest region of Folkston sits the Okefenokee Swamp, where cypress trees cover the skies and amphibians of several hundred different species reside. This swamp extends over 750 square miles and has a rich Native American history. You’ll surely love to walk on the muddy floating islands this place offers because they’re a specialty. Okefenokee literally translates into the land of trembling earth, which explains the floating shaky islands. Don’t worry, though. They won’t bring you down because they were stable enough to accommodate Indian settlers. 

Like every other swamp, the Okefenokee is home to dozens of species on the brink of extinction. We’re not just talking about reptiles. You’ll also find birds such as herons, ibises, and woodpeckers. However, the swamp is famous for hosting the infamous American alligators. If you’re looking for some thrill and natural beauty in Georgia, make sure to book a boat from Waycross that goes to the Okefenokee.  

9. Tybee Island

tyber beach in savanaah

Tyber Beach in Savanaah

Not more than just 17 miles from Savannah, an island that the world knows as Tybee Island, is famous for having one of the best beaches in Georgia. Ideal for a complete family picnic, Tybee Beach offers you a vibrant sandy shore and sea-green calm waves. While the young ones can spend their time building sandcastles, the adults are free to either take a swim or sunbathe in the reasonably warm weather of Tybee. After you’re done experiencing the lovely environment of this ideal summer beach, you can head for Tybee Island, where several other exciting spots await your attention.

Perhaps, experiencing dolphins galloping in the water might be your thing, or the lighthouse of the island, where you may climb and gaze at a beautiful landscape of the entire island. Let’s not forget the island’s very own museum, where you’ll find artifacts from not just the past but treasured works of art from locals as well. From every perspective, you’ll find Tybee Island to be as good as we are claiming it to be.

10. Callaway Gardens

callaway gardens

Callaway Gardens

This one will be a real visual treat for all the children of mother nature out there. At the bottom of the Appalachian Mountains is a stunning resort with blooming plant life. These heavenly Callaway Gardens are tourist magnets since they attract a whopping 700,000+ visitors each year, thanks to the splendid beauty they hold within them. From lakes that reflect the sky to the spas that take your worries away, and from the bright white sand of Robin Lake Beach to the colorful butterfly center, this place is truly a land grabbed from paradise itself. These gardens cover around 2,500 acres of land, and every footstep you’ll take to explore is going to be a dose of serotonin.

Callaway Gardens’ specialty is Robin Lake Beach, the largest artificial beach on the planet with fine white sand. You can either take a swim here, paddleboard or relax and absorb the warm sunshine. Travelers are also welcome to walk through the 15-kilometer-long trail that spreads across the gardens. It’s up to you whether you want to take a bike ride or cover the distance on foot.


The Peach State brings much more to the table, but these were our top picks of tourist attractions in Georgia. If you can manage to hit all of these during your tour, rest assured you’ll enjoy your journey to the fullest.

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