Top 10 attractions in Los Angeles, CA

The Hollywood sign in LA didn’t always say “Hollywood.”

by Alisha

Once known as “El Pueblo de Nuestra Senora Reina de Los Angeles Sobre el Rio Porciuncula” at the time of its establishment, the city of Los Angeles is now regarded as one of the entertainment capitals of the whole wide world. This is where the world comes to party, enjoy, and spend their savings to get the literal best out of life. This place is filled with amusement parks, zoos, museums, disco clubs, and the quality of nightlife that it offers. Geographically, Los Angeles rests in Southern California and is situated near the Pacific Ocean, setting the city up for incredible beachside potential.

In addition to that, deserts and mountains are a pivotal part of Los Angeles. So if you’re an avid traveler and your next destination is this fantastic city, then you need to know the top 10 sites of attraction worth visiting.

10 high-rated attractions in Los Angeles, CA

The list might surprise you since even the many residents of Los Angeles haven’t explored their city entirely, so this is the perfect chance to equip yourself with the proper knowledge and check out Los Angeles and its very best. So, without wasting any time, let’s get right into this article.

1. Disneyland Resort

disneyland resort

Disneyland Resort

Disneyland is one of the top tourist attractions in Los Angeles. It is located in California, a little outside Los Angeles. If you are in the US and want to spend some quality time with your family, then this is a perfect spot for you. People have been visiting this magisterial place for almost 70 years now, and this feat speaks volumes about the legacy of this attraction site. Apart from a diversity of themed parks and areas of like-minded interests such as star wars and other iconic Disney works, there is a wide assortment of accommodation options for you to maximize your stay in Disneyland Resort.

If you have a family of wife and kids or husband and kids, then your trip to the land of Walt Disney holds the potential to get even better. The reason is that Disney has several kid-friendly departments that will keep your little ones occupied. This includes rides revolving around well-grounded Disney characters. In addition, Disneyland resort is home to the best entertainment options and is no less than a glorified paradise for the esteemed Star Wars series fans.

2. Santa Monica

santa monica

Santa Monica

Santa Monica is one of the most beautiful and tranquil family attraction places in Los Angeles County, especially in the summers. It is a favorite spot for people who love skateboarding and surfing, and that’s because of the excellent Santa Monica Pier. This location serves as a great source of leisure and merriment for people from all corners of the world. The tides run high, and the water stays ever-green on the beachside section, making sunbathing arrive on a whole different level.

If you’re crazy about shopping, the beachfront of Santa Monica has a diversity of spots from where you can make purchases. The best part is that in the midst of it all, you’ll witness the liveliness of street performers in action. They always lighten up the mood no matter what, and this is a personally tried and tested occurrence. When you’re done with all that entertainment, you can hop back on the Santa Monica Pier with its sensational Ferris wheel that takes you high in the skies and enjoy a breathtaking view from the top. Santa Monica is one of the top attraction sites

3. The Original Farmers Market

original farmers market

The Original Farmers Market

The original Farmers Market boasts a rich history that’s sprawling with culture. Its origination dates back to 1934 where small steps eventually became larger ones, and this vast market came into existence. Today, in Los Angeles, the Original Farmers Market is a top attraction site, filled with world-class restaurants, shopping stalls, and groceries market to buy and try out. If you’re a dweller of Los Angeles, this place has to be visited at least once, so you can cross it off your bucket list.

In addition to that, the area houses free evening concerts in the summers. Therefore, if you’re a night owl, spending your time at this place is something that you’ll never regret. For foodies, the Original Farmers Market features hundreds of food stalls, sit-down eateries, and a lot more to keep you hooked to the food you love all day, every day. Groceries and other gourmet items are available in vast abundance here, with all of them being as good as day.

4. Venice Beach

venice beach

Venice Beach

Famously regarded as “a cultural hub known for its eccentricities,” Venice is a classy area in Los Angeles. It hosts the fabulous Venice Beach that gets more than one million visitors each year. The area covered by the beach begins from the Venice Pier to the north end of the whole Venice district. There’s also the world-famous Muscle Beach on Venice Beach, where fitness influencers of all types come and flex their muscles, show their followers their workouts, and compete against other bodybuilders in a friendly environment.

If you’re into fitness, you should give Muscle Beach a go as it’s filled with multiple gym pieces of equipment. Other than all that, foodies are highly welcome on Venice Beach. There are different types of food stalls where people can enjoy the distinctive taste of Venice. Furthermore, the vibe of this whole area is just spectacular, and don’t think of it as your regular, everyday family beach. Lastly, the place also comprises a Skatepark for skating enthusiasts and other similarly-styled sporty people.

5. California Science Center

california science center

California Science Center

This next entry is for all those people who have never missed a school science project. The California Science Center proudly houses the Space Shuttle Endeavour, a once-glorious orbiter hailing from NASA’s Space Shuttle program having more than 25 successful space missions. Apart from this royalty, this space-oriented museum is all about the best exhibits in town where you can stay up to speed with the latest and greatest in the science department. The best part is that you don’t need to pay anything to get yourself a ticket to this place.

With that said, it’s not only cutting-edge technology and the breakthroughs in science that will be put on display here. The California Science Center also features some extraordinary ecosystem exhibitions showing plants and fishes in an immense tank. If you’re a family person, this place will be particularly loved by your kids. But, particular kinds of exhibits only happen once, so you better stay tuned to this attraction if you ever want to visit it.

6. Griffith Observatory

griffith observatory

Griffith Observatory

Griffith Observatory is another high-quality attraction in Los Angeles where you can at least spend complete 1-hour sightseeing and checking out what lies in the distant areas. You can sport a pre-installed telescope in Griffith Observatory to observe your surroundings and explore the basin of Los Angeles with nothing but your naked eye and an overly efficient magnifying glass.

Apart from the usage of telescopes, Griffith Observatory lets you tinker around with a full-blown planetarium as well. A planetarium is a movie theater except that instead of Hollywood movies, you watch educational and informational videos on Astronomy and learn about stars, the solar system, and our galaxy. There’s a cafe within Griffith Observatory where you can grab a quick bite if you’re at the place with a friend or family. Breaking away from the ordinary sights of beachfront and water is a great idea to bring change to your trip, and Griffith Observatory is the perfect way to do that.

7. The Getty Center

the getty center

The Getty Center

The Getty Center is officially the number one thing to do or visit on TrustPilot out of the other 704 options. That says a lot about this place even before we begin describing it. At the core of this area, we’re going to witness a gigantic complex that stretches across hundreds of acres. It’s a museum filled with sensational paintings, art, and other work of remarkable worth. The drawing collection of people like Vincent Van Gogh, Monet, and Cezanne can be commonly found in The Getty Center.

The place is located in the Santa Monica Mountains, which fall in Los Angeles County. Anywhere between 2-3 hours can be easily spent within The Getty Center, even more, if you have a thing for art. There is also an inclusion of two elegant cafes with indoor and outdoor seating as well. There’s a place called The Restaurant that lets you enjoy multiple cuisines while viewing the commendable mountains of Santa Monica. You can’t miss the view you’ll get from there, so better get in touch with someone right now and book yourself a trip to The Getty Center.

8. The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

the wizarding world of harry potter in universal studios hollywood

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Universal Studios Hollywood

No fan of Harry Potter can ever think of missing out on this magical place on a trip to Los Angeles. This is where the whole world of Harry Potter enthusiasts come to delve into their favorite fantasy world and immerse themselves in the Harry Potter books. The Wizarding World of Harry Potter is made up of a chain of themed areas situated in Universal Parks. People who have been to this area say that the creators couldn’t have done a better job recreating Hogwarts and Hogsmeade, an all-wizarding village in the fiction of Harry Potter where only third-year students of the school can go on trips.

Moreover, there is also a dedicated shop inside the place where you and your kids can buy Harry Potter wands and relish the world of the “boy who lived” in a passionate manner. The food range is also above average as you’ll find lots to try and eat with your family there. In addition, the staff is also helpful, so don’t worry about asking where to go next in The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, especially if you’re a foreigner. Lastly, it’s all about the small details spread throughout the property. Hardcore fans of the series will love each thing they spot, and this is a huge plus.

9. Hollywood



The stunning city of Los Angeles is home to probably the most significant source of entertainment in the whole world—Hollywood. This is where you can experience rich, deep-rooted history with legendary sensations and sites. You will see signs of the film industry spread out all across this suburb of Los Angeles. Then, of course, there’s the iconic Hollywood sign where people most famously get their photos snapped at, along with the fabulous Hollywood Boulevard where families take a stroll. If you didn’t know, it was originally displayed as “Hollywoodland”, but later got shortened to “Hollywood” during repair in 1949.

There’s also a special area called the Walk of Fame where you have to find the stars of the famous actors of the Hollywood industry. It’s a fun activity that most families involve themselves in. Other than that, one of the most quirky things about roaming around Hollywood is that you never know when you might run into a celebrity. Many people have experienced this, and it was nothing but pure joy for them. Actos like Chris Evans, Dwayne ‘The Rock” Johnson, and many more might be coming from in front of you, and you wouldn’t even be aware of it.

10. The Grove

the grove

The Grove

The Grove is an ideal place for shopaholics. This is one of the hottest spots in the whole of LA for people to go shopping, enjoy the exotic ambiance around them, and, of course, dive into a wide variety of food spots. The Umami Burger in The Grove is an affordable and high-quality eatery where you get to taste some of the best fast food options in the whole vicinity. The open-air environment is constantly pulsating with energy and full of life, so the chances that you’ll bore yourself out in this place are little to none. 

The Grove also features an outlet of AMC Theatres where you can watch the latest releases and experience movies like never before. If you happen to visit this place at the time of writing, we highly recommend watching Shang Chi: The Legend of Ten Rings and Venom: Let There Be Carnage. Some other famous brands prevalent in The Grove are PAIGE, OrangeTwist, Splendid, The Grove Shine, Sandro, and Ray-Ban.


Los Angeles is known as the City of Angels, and this title hasn’t been given to it without putting a good amount of thought. According to the jolly state of this area, visiting attraction sites has never been more fun, as Los Angeles sets forth a versatile number of options for you to cherish and live in the moment with. This article has talked about the top 10 attraction sites in Los Angeles to make your trip to this beautiful place exceptionally worth your while.

Disneyland Resort, The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, and Santa Monica are absolute must-visits if you’re a family person. However, LA is known for its lavish lifestyle and culture-rich amenities, which make checking out this place no less than a sheer delight. We hope that you now know where to go in L.A next. Comment down below to let us know when you’re planning your next trip!

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