Top 10 beach vacation destinations in the US

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by Alisha
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It’s not only the rejuvenation of the mind and the body that you get by taking a break from the daily hustle of life but also of the soul. Thankfully, the United States of America is one of the best countries globally if we’re to look at its tourism potential. There are countless attraction sites in the USA that let you shop like crazy, enjoy the best food, and delve into earth-shattering experiences. Of course, there’s simply a lot to go and visit in the United States, but we’ve managed to round up the top 10 family vacation attraction sites in the US for you to check out.

To narrow things down a bit, we will talk about the top 10 beach vacation destinations in the United States this time. If you’re a beachside lover, you will love visiting all these sites, so we recommend reading until the end to find out all about the best beaches in the United States.

In other news, do check out the top 10 attractions in Los Angeles, CA, if you’re on a nationwide trip to the United States. But, again, acquiring the proper knowledge beforehand can sometimes come in very handy.

For now, let’s get into the beach vacation destinations in the US.

The best beaches in the United States

1. Maui



Starting this list off is the charmingly breathtaking Maui area which is located in Hawaii. This is a balanced expansive region that isn’t too bustling with noise or too secluded. It’s just the perfect mix of everything that makes up a beach: fragrance, people, sand, and, of course, the tidal waves. Maui comprises a bunch of beaches, including Wailea Beach and Kaanapali Beach. These are some of the most iconic sites in the whole of Maui that shouldn’t be missed at any cost. Napili Bay Beach and Hookipa Beach Park are also some of the hottest places in Maui that let you experience quiet beachside time.

In addition to all that, the Waianapanapa State Park is the best area to visit when you’re flocking to Maui. If you have a family with you, your kids will love all the attractions present inside the State Park. The areas of interest range from excellent, fun waterslides to exotic marine life. Moreover, there’s something that makes Waianapanapa State Park exceptionally unique: black sand shores. The tropical trees and sheltered land in Maui will make you comfortably have the best time of your life.

2. Myrtle Beach

myrtle beach

Myrtle Beach

As far as the best beachsides go in the entirety of the United States, Myrtle Beach deserves a formidable spot. This is simply because this particular area is teeming with things to do with your kids or significant other. For instance, the Ripley’s Aquarium of Myrtle Beach doesn’t sound too interesting at first glance. Still, the quality, exhibits, and catalog of exotic wildlife are all far beyond fascinating. In addition to that, there’s also the sizable Family Kingdom Amusement Park that lets you get lost in it and explore an incredible diversity of games.

If there’s one thing that Myrtle Beach is most famous for because it isn’t found anywhere else, its mini-golf courses are a noticeable feature for golf lovers. People love to come to Myrtle Beach and play golf with their loved ones. You’re going to love the aromatic charm of this beach as you swim, dive, interact, and unwind with your family.

3. Miami Beach

Miami Beach

Miami Beach

Miami is also known as the “Magic City.” This term emerged when Miami’s population saw a sudden rise, and more and more people started to visit it in the winters magically. However, our focus is Miami Beach, which is just a fantastic place to be in. It’s got that party atmosphere to it that people from all over come and wish to experience. You can go to the nearby Lummus Park that rests on Ocean Drive for a greenery-rich time or interact with people at Haulover Beach Park, which can frequently get too over the top sometimes as many people go clothless there.

In addition to that, Haulover Beach is also home to fishing, bicycling, and teens on rollerskates, so you can have a lot of fun there as well. One of the major highlights of Miami Beach is South Beach which is overloaded with watersports, architectural constructs, and even fine oceanside dining. South Beach is also known for its buzzing nightlife, which seemingly never ends.

4. Laguna Beach

laguna beach

Laguna Beach

Laguna Beach is another praiseworthy attraction site that has marked itself as one of the best places to visit in the whole of the United States. It’s filled with enticing features for you and your family to enjoy. Laguna Beach is located between San Diego and Los Angeles, both iconic in their positions. When you have traveled halfway between these two cities, you will find the visible parameters of Laguna Beach, meaning that you’ve arrived at this terrific beachside.

For swimming, you should visit Main Beach and Crescent Bay Beach. The latter, in specific, houses a comfortable environment and a relaxed setting. Laguna Beach, on its own, is quite expansive and spans over miles and miles of shorelines, so don’t confuse yourself when we mention another beach here. As you walk and explore the entirety of this location, you will explore different beaches. For instance, the Heisler Park in Laguna Beach is highly recommended if you prefer walks and strolls above everything else to calm your nerves and refresh your mind. Don’t forget to check out Laguna Beach on your next trip to the USA!

5. Coronado Beach

coronado beach

Coronado Beach

Coronado Beach is another excellent beach attraction site to visit in the United States. It is located in San Diego, California, and is also known colloquially as Central Beach. In the background of this ginormous area, you can see the elegantly designed Hotel del Coronado, which is a fantastic place for some fine dining or enjoying a cocktail by the beachside. Either way, if your budget allows you to, you can also stay inside this hotel for the night and watch the sunrise to its peak in the morning. On the contrary, sunsets are equally beautiful on Coronado Beach, and we highly advise sticking around long enough to see that happen.

One unique feature of Coronado Beach is that there is actual mineral mica within the sand. This makes the sand sparkle and shines under the sun, and this is awesome to witness firsthand. Coronado Beach is a hot spot for swimmers, snorkelers, and scuba divers. You can get yourself boats in this place and exercise too by rowing and kayaking across the water. Coronado Beach is a must-visit for its unique ambiance and breathtaking visuals.

6. Destin

destin beaches

Destin Beaches

Destin is another famed beach site to visit in the United States. Located in Okaloosa County in Northwest Florida, which is west of Panama City, Destin is home to a healthy abundance of attractions not only for you and your significant other but your kids as well. It spans miles of sandy beaches, and the Crystal Beach Park in the vicinity of Destin is one of the favorite spots for people looking to swim, lounge, and unwind. Furthermore, the Henderson Beach State Park and Grayton Beach State Park offer hiking trails atop the alluring sand, so that’s an experience on its own as well – one that a vast majority of people are willing to have twice a year.

Destin is not famous for just its collection of thrilling beachsides. There’s another excellent reason to visit Destin, and that is its fishing potential. It’s often referred to as “The World’s Luckiest Fishing Village” as well because of the extensive underwater population that resides in Destin. Many people come to this place exclusively for fishing, and there’s a good reason they do that. If you’re after the best beach sites in the United States of America, Destin isn’t something that you should sleep on.

7. Kauai



Similarly named to the aforementioned Maui, Kauai is another eccentric Hawaiian island that has gradually become the favorite holiday spot of hundreds of thousands of Americans. The encompassed Polihale State Park, Tunnels Beach, and Kee Beach are all majestic places. In addition, you can sightsee the coastline of Naples, another top beachside attraction in the United States coming up at the end of this article. From a visitor’s point of view, Kauai is perfect for trails, sightseeing, and sitting by a lightening beachside.

Moreover, Hanalei Bay is another distinct area in Kauai where you can experience some of the best mountain views in the whole of the United States. It’s also a high-quality resort, so if you want to spend the night after getting to Kauai, you can do that painlessly there as well. We at Getaway Bird can give you one piece of advice: plan your vacation trip ahead of time and visit Kauai in the summers. This will enable you to experience the best swimming conditions and your time will be spent with great leisure.

8. Cannon Beach

cannon beach

Cannon Beach

Cannon Beach is located in Oregon and is probably one of the fascinating beachsides you’ll ever experience. It’s about 4 miles long in total, so sunset and sunrise walks are going to be very elegant on Cannon Beach. There is a wide variety of features in this place, and it’s just not a hum-drum regular beach. For instance, if you venture two kilometers offshore, you’ll find the Tillamook Rock Lighthouse, or more colloquially known as “Terrible Tilly.” That’s because of how it is surrounded by rough tidal waves that sure do a number on anyone trying to land on the shore of the lighthouse.

Other than that, you also have the undeniably most prominent feature of Cannon Beach: the Haystack Rock, which is significant in all senses of the word. Being labeled as one of the tallest sea stacks globally, its length is about 235 feet, which will make you drool over the enormity of this feature. Tourists come and take pictures by it and enjoy their time on the beach. It’s said that the water of Cannon Beach is quite cold for someone to go swimming.

9. Saint Petersburg

pinellas county

Saint Petersburg Pinellas County

Saint Petersburg is not to be confused with the Russian port city on the Baltic Sea. Instead, this is a city that’s located in Pinellas County, Florida. Among the locals, Saint Petersburg is also famously called “The Sunshine City.” That is because St. Pete clocks in an average of 361 days of sunshine each year. Furthermore, between 1967 and 1969, this city logged the most consecutive days of sunshine—768—more than any other place in the world. Today, Saint Petersburg rests as one of the most frequently visited spots in the United States of America, all because of its reliable, kid-friendly environment and great enjoyable weather.

The place you need to go when you are in the vicinity of Saint Petersburg is St. Petersburg beach, which not only has kilometers of shoreline to lounge, relax, and picnic on but comprises a bevy of water sports, scuba diving, and snorkeling as well. Near St. Pete Beach is Fort De Soto Park, a gigantic piece of land stretching over 1,100 acres. Here, there is excellent potential for bird-watching, so if you’re into that kind of stuff, there is a lot for you to enjoy. If you’re in Florida and would like to visit a lovely beach, Saint Petersburg is the town to go to!

10. Naples



You might have heard of the Naples Municipal Beach in a Hollywood movie because it’s that popular. People from all across the country specifically visit Naples because of the richness of its top-tier shopping and a wide variety of restaurants. A top-of-the-line beach isn’t just what Naples is all about, although a vast number of people do love the place only for that. You can find shopping centers in this old-fashioned Florida city, located between Miami to the east side and Fort Myers to the north. Naples is also a city in Italy, so don’t go around confusing that one with this.

In Naples, you’ll find the specialized Delnor-Wiggins Pass State Park. It includes a bunch of spots where you’ll find clear water. Do lookout for these since they’ll allow you to swim or snorkel with special equipment. Also, there is another important site in Naples called Lowdermilk Park. In Lowdermilk Park, people can use boats for paddling and even kayak their way into the waters and relish the time with their family. You can do the same on your trip to Naples, so try getting in touch with whoever you need to take here and start the plan right away!


Beaches hold all the fun for individuals and families alike. You get to meet new people, experience the raging or relaxed tides of the water, and enjoy yourself together as a whole family. In addition to that, exposure to Vitamin D is also beneficial for the body, but be sure to wear sunscreen to dispel the adverse effects of sunlight! We hope that after reading this list of the top 10 beach vacation destinations in the United States of America, you now feel more motivated than ever to hit the road and start exploring your nearest hotshot beach.

If you decide to do that, let us know what you think of the trip down in the comments section. We would love to hear from you!

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